Sustaining Success

Cairns Business Women’s Club 2018 Businesswoman of the Year finalist Dianne Sciacca is not afraid of hard work, be it physical or mental.

The Co-Owner of Pacific Coast Eco Bananas has worked tirelessly for years with her husband Frank, to develop their green farming system Ecoganic, which involves the maintenance of commercially sustainable farming with a healthy and largely undisturbed farm ecosystem.

During the development stages of Ecoganic, Dianne worked six and seven days a week, admitting she worked through the night on many occasions. Dianne said ‘Innovation and leadership qualities alone will not guarantee success. Referring to Albert Einstein’s statement ‘ It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer’., is something I can attest to. It’s about persistence, persistence and more persistence.

“I am passionate about what we do and, innately, I am a workaholic,” she said. “Frank is too. Every breakfast together is a management meeting for us!”

Their red-tip eco bananas have been in supermarkets and grocers around Australia for more than a decade and are also being exported to Hong Kong and Singapore.

Dianne’s role is strategic, managerial and operational. She said her greatest strategic challenge and achievement was developing a framework around their Ecoganic farming system that could be third-party audited.

She is constantly studying and learning. After taking numerous professional development courses, she returned to university as a mature-age student and graduated in 2017 with a Degree in Business Management with a Major in Marketing to enhance her knowledge and capacity in the business.

In 2017 her and Frank were awarded the Prince of Wales Environmental Leadership – Reef Sustainability Award for their vision, leadership and creation of the Ecoganic farming system.
She enjoyed meeting HRH Prince Charles on his visit in March this year.

“I found him an extremely interesting person,” she said. “I would just love to be able to sit down with him for an hour or so and talk about global environmental issues!”

Eco Bananas

228 Boogan Road, Mourilyan
Ph: 4064 2452

Photo By Catherine Coombs
Words By Janie Barton