Paying it Forward

Having a teacher who is enthusiastic and inspires one to learn can make all the difference in the lives of students, encouraging them to be the best they can be. That was the case for Trinity Anglican School’s Deputy Principal Margaret Kennedy.

Margaret became a teacher in 1977 in her homeland Scotland before coming to Australia in 1986 and began teaching at All Souls St Gabriels School in Chartres Towers where she became Deputy Principal in the mid 1990s. She joined TAS at the beginning of 2000 as Deputy Principal.
Having excellent teachers when she was young encouraged her to follow suit.

“I was inspired by fantastic teachers when I was growing up,” she said. “They are what made me want to become a teacher. I always wanted to help people be the best they can be at school. I felt that was where I learned to be the person I am.”

TAS is a highly respected school, known for its strong academic achievements where graduating students consistently attain high results. Like all educators at TAS, Margaret is passionate about seeing students grow and succeed.

“It’s about helping them to realise their potential and reach that potential,” she said. “It’s lighting that fire of interest within them that will allow them to continue to reach their dreams and aspirations.”

Her area of expertise is physical education and she has taught both primary and secondary students. She also taught students with learning disabilities in Scotland. As well as supporting Principal Paul Sjogren in both the strategic and day-to-day leadership of TAS, Margaret assists in the Year 11 and 12 study classes and participates in school excursions including taking six students to a Round Square Junior Sports Conference in Mongolia last year.

“I really love interacting with the students,” said Margaret, who is highly respected by students and staff. “They make me want to come to school every day.”

Trinity Anglican School
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Photo By Catherine Coombs
Words by Janie Barton