Never a Dull Moment

As Managing Director of the Wilson Group and owner of multiple Cairns’ businesses, Joan Wilson is always on the go and has a lot on her plate, especially with this month’s opening of The Chambers, her latest and most unique project.

The Chambers is a dynamic new dining offering in the city, featuring three distinctly different venues – a restaurant, cafe and boutique wine bar. The building was originally a 1926 bank that has been carefully restored while retaining its historic significance.

“It was really the beauty of the building that initially drew me to this project,” Joan said. “It had so much history and charm and seemed a perfect host for a unique offering.

“We thought there was room in the marketplace for a new concept – a place for people to come, meet and share in indulgent food and wine, and this is what The Chambers is all about.”

Joan, who was born in Scotland and has since lived in Cairns from 1990, is the owner of The Wilson Group, a company that hosts commercial property and retail stores including Sassi Shoe Boutique, which Joan opened in 2005.

No two days are the same for the busy mother of three.

“At the moment it’s pretty crazy, but it should settle soon,” she said. “A typical day is fun, busy and challenging. At the end of the day it is great seeing what we as a team have achieved, and then we get ready to do it all over again the next day!”

While she keeps exceptionally busy at work, there is one person who can get her to stop and take a break.

“I love spending time with the latest addition to our family, our beautiful granddaughter,” Joan said. “She is the one thing that makes every bit of work stop! We also have another one on the way, which is wonderful.”

The Wilson Group

17 Spence Street, Cairns city
Ph: 4041 7302

Words by Janie Barton