Life-changing Career

Kim Weaver went from a stay-at-home mum looking for a new life’s purpose to now living everyday feeling incredibly fortunate.

While searching for a new career path in health and fitness that would enable her to study at home as she raised her two teenage children, she found her answer with Studio Pilates International. After studying and training, she opened Studio Pilates International Cairns in 2015.

“We are the only studio in North Queensland to offer a virtual delivery system,” she said. “This allows us as instructors to PT and monitor our clients each and every time they attend the studio.

“We have over 30 programs in rotation so everyday there is a different program to challenge the body and to keep the clients engaged and motivated.”

“When I lived in South America I went to a Reformer studio, and it was literally life-changing for my mind, body and soul. I knew this was something I wanted to share with others.”

Kim is also a Reformer Certified Mentor and has put five instructors through their training and is currently training two more.

“We also have clients coming out of rehabilitation, once given the all clear by their physiotherapists, who come to us to gain strength, mobility and movement and eventually gain full health,” said Kim, who added that people of all ages and capabilities attend her studio.

Studio Pilates also runs 30-day challenges where Kim said she’s seen people drop up to seven kilos and lose up to 22 centimeters.

“It has been profoundly life-changing finding a career where I can help people,” she said. “There’s nothing like it – I truly love what I do.”

Studio Pilates International Cairns
Suite 16-22 Village Lane,
20 Lake Street, Cairns city
Ph: 4041 4140

Photo By Catherine Coombs
Words by Janie Barton