Dedicated and Passionate

You’ll find Tina Wort, Managing Director of Dundee’s, in the popular waterfront restaurant morning, noon and night – and many times you will see her there on her scheduled days off, if required. Although she works long hours, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I don’t look at it as how many hours I work; I live and breathe it,” said Tina, who inspires others with her boundless energy and enthusiasm. “It’s a passion for me, and I really like coming to work every day.”

Tina oversees a team of 80, who are busy serving up an average of 1000 meals a day, and loves seeing customers enjoying themselves.

Gary Low, Tina and her husband James and Marion and Paul Wright own Dundee’s, which opened in 1988. While Gary has overseen Dundee’s operational side in the past, he has recently handed that role over to Tina and James, who is the restaurant’s head chef.

“We’re really excited to take over that role,” said Tina, who has been at Dundee’s for 17 years and is constantly looking at ways to improve the business. “We’re also in the process of refurbishing the bar and updating some of the furniture.”

Her staff, husband and positive people inspire Tina on a daily basis.

“When you have the right people around you, you get a lot of energy from them,” she said. “Our staff are all part of the Dundee’s family, and I love seeing them grow personally and professionally.

“My husband also motivates me. We are a great team as he helps me understand the running of the kitchen, and I help him understand the front end management.”

When she does take time off for a much-needed break, you won’t be able to contact her.

“James and I love going camping without bringing any electronic devices,” she said. “It re-grounds me and reinvigorates me.”

Dundee’s Restaurant

Harbour Lights,
1 Marlin Parade, Cairns city
Ph: 4051 0399
Photo By Catherine Coombs
Words by Janie Barton