Creating Business Success

Elmarie Gebler is passionate about her clients’ businesses growing and thriving.

As the Director of Fortis Group, she leads a team that blends the skills of innovative business advisory and consultancy with accounting and taxation.

“As a business group, our principles of honesty, equity and a rigorous work ethic reflect in all our dealings with clients,” said Elmarie, “Personal and professional ambitions are strongly interconnected, and I partner with my clients to identify actions that will enable them to achieve their goals and aspirations.”

Elmarie, who concentrates her energy on business growth and building capacity within organisations, ensures clients are assisted in the areas of strategic thinking and planning, change management, organisational development and executive coaching.

“The Fortis offerings to clients developed out of being able to match the opportunities presented to me by clients with the exceptional skills of our directors and our team,” said Elmarie. “Being client centric allows me to see client businesses grow and move in the market, and likewise Fortis continues to evolve and remain relevant to provide the best advice.”

While Elmarie is skilled at helping businesses grow she also remains committed to the development of our regions not-for-profit sector and is currently the Vice President of Cairns Art Gallery and is a Director for the Reef Restoration Foundation “Both of these are areas that will enrich our heritage if well preserved,” she said. Elmarie also acted as Vice President of the Cairns Chamber of Commerce until 2009.

“I am inspired by diverse relationships and cultures,” she said. “The energy of youth, philosophic thinking and the human spirit’s ability to overcome obstacles gives me inspiration each day. Inspiration can come from the simplest of things. Keeping my eyes and mind open and ear to the ground creates many surprises and plenty of inspiration.”

Fortis Group of Companies

153 Buchan Street, Cairns
Ph: 4225 5333

Words by Janie Barton