Compensation Queen

Having experience as a claims manager for a large insurance company before becoming a lawyer is a bonus for Andrea Turner’s clients.

Andrea has many years in the compensation industry and has been with Turner Freeman Lawyers for five years, practices exclusively in compensation law and disability claims and is committed to getting the best outcomes for her clients.

“No one expects to wake up one morning, go to work and be injured,” she said. “They then have to rely on insurers giving them funding for their rehabilitation or for going back to work, and insurers can string this process out.”

Having in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry gives Andrea insight into managing claims and supporting her clients through the process to get them the compensation they deserve.
Turner Freeman Lawyers, which have a no-win-no-fee policy, are experts in every type of claim for personal injury compensation. It is also the only large firm in Cairns that handles superannuation disability claims face to face.

“Other big firms handle these types of claims, but they don’t do it in house locally so clients are dealing with someone on the phone in another city,” said Andrea. “Clients prefer to visit their lawyers’ office and see who is handling their claims.”

She loves assisting people whose lives have been turned upside down by injury or illness.

“I have clients who keep in touch and update me on how they’re doing,” she said. “To think that this person was probably at the very bottom after their life took a drastic turn from an injury, it’s wonderful to see that the compensation we achieved for them has helped them enormously.”

Compensation Queen
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Words by Janie Barton