Changing Lives as Well as Looks

Nicki Belle’s desire to “lift people’s hearts and souls” started 40 years ago and has only increased in passion ever since.

Before Nicki founded Face Today Mediclinics she was a palliative care nurse for years, caring for terminally ill patients. And while she enjoyed helping people towards the end of their lives, her mother suggested her empathetic daughter find a more joyful area of medicine.

“I went from palliative care into cosmetic medicine 20 years ago,” Nicki said. “Seeing people in palliative care sat in my heart so deeply, so now I’m just so passionate about helping people to be the most confident and beautiful person they can be.”

Nicki is well known and well respected throughout the industry for being a pioneer in the field of non-invasive (non-surgical) anti-ageing therapies. She was one of the first to use botox and fillers, the first to offer liquid facelifts and the first in Australia to launch Regen PRP, known as the Vampire treatment.

She is also a trainer and educator for a number of innovative products, is in demand as a speaker and presenter at world-wide cosmetic conferences and also offers facial rejuvenation for the correction of trauma, injury and birth defects.

Her highly trained practitioners at Face Today, which has just moved into new premises on Draper St, provide proven treatments in the areas of injectable rejuvenation, fat reduction, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.

Nicki’s next innovative projects include her Transformation Destination, an initiative to attract visitors to Face Today Cairns to have transformative work done while on holiday, the Age Amazingly twilight soirée “Old is the new Black” and the attitudes surrounding this phenomenonal movement.

“I’m just so passionate about getting the message out to people of what is possible for them in their lives,” she said. “I’m driven to help people feel good, live their dreams and to Face Today with confidence.”

Face Today Mediclinics
2/439 Draper Street,
Cairns city
Ph: 4053 3021

Photo By Catherine Coombs
Words by Janie Barton