Always On the Go

The grass doesn’t grow under Angela Freeman’s feet.

As co-owner of Wildlife TNQ, which includes Hartley’s Crocodile Adventures (which turns 85 next year), Kuranda Koala Gardens, Birdworld Kuranda, Hartley’s Night Adventures and the Great Australian Wildlife Experience, Angela oversees numerous projects and accomplishes more in a week than most people do in a month.

Angela and husband Peter, co-owner of Wildlife TNQ, work tirelessly day in and out, including working collaboratively with other local businesses.

They also own a boutique crocodile farm, producing about 1000 skins for designer brands, and an online shop Croctique, featuring luxury crocodile leather items. They are also busy preparing for the opening this month of their luxury handbag Croctique store at Smithfield, and they regularly visit Tokyo to select new styles.

“Each and every day is totally and completely different,” said Angela, who also spends several months a year travelling interstate and overseas for their businesses. “On a typical day, I would be involved in up to 20 to 30 distinct projects, all operating simultaneously.”

While her and Peter’s primary focus is based around wildlife tourism, they also have a philanthropic wildlife, research and conservation trust and support wildlife research and habitat preservation. Their North Queensland Wildlife Trust will announce its FY2018 donations this month.

Angela says she draws a lot of inspiration from being surrounded by nature, whether it’s riding at sunrise on the beaches, wildlife spotting on the Tablelands or walking to a local park or foreshore when visiting major cities.

“Peter and I don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we have a lot of fun along the way,” she added. “We also surround ourselves with like-minded people who are very professional and who have a passion for wildlife and conservation.

“You only get one life, so you’ve got to live it to the fullest.”

Wildlife TNQ
Ph: 4055 3576

Words by Janie Barton