Tailor your new home building contract to your requirements

Tailor your new home building contract to your requirements
Roslyn Smith

It can be a bit confusing sometimes when you are trying to compare quotes for your new home, especially if you don’t understand what is included. As the home owner you need to make sure you understand what you are getting for your money.
Some builders will include a lot more than others as standard and this will vary from off the plan building, project building to more custom designed homes.
The builder should provide you with a detailed specification for your new home project and that will form part of the Building Contract. It should detail exactly what product they have allowed for, from what brand of tap, to tiles, to number of power points. Sometimes this may be in the form of $ PS or $ PC for items. When this is the case it needs to be a reasonable amount or ‘the contractor’s best estimate of price’.
Some builders don’t include things that I call essentials like a water meter, concrete to patios and/or porch, premium paints, termite treatment, suitable site works, maybe even a survey set out of your home. If some of these inclusions are not what you are expecting then you should ask for the quote to include those items. This may well affect the $ bottom line of your final contract price.
Ultimately you are the one that can then determine what’s included or not included and then you can amend that to suit your budget. Once you have all this information the original builder’s quote may end up more than the other builder’s quote so take care that you know what you are getting.
Just about anything related to your new home construction can be included; or you may prefer to perform some works yourself. If so, then this can also be excluded from your contract price and this allows you to tailor your home to your meet your requirements and budget.
The best thing about building a new home is that you get to choose what you want and most builders can change to suit your requests. Usually, builders will get better pricing than the general public so it’s good to include most things in the building contract. If the owner supplies an item then it won’t be covered under the builder’s warranty.
The industry stipulates that any information provided should be in writing. Even if you see something on site that you want to change you will need to go back to the builder and they will provide a variation to the contract to reflect your requested changes. If there is a cost involved then the builder can price this up and include it on the variation and you can both sign it as agreed. Verbal discussion is not enough to change something in your building contract and variations may extend the construction period if more work is involved.
So if you are looking to build a new home come in and have a chat about what we can include. I like to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.

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