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It’s already February, and we have all just endured the crazy social months of November December and January – where everywhere you look there are glasses of champagne, choccies, chips and nibbles, invitations for dinners, lunches and more. A little bit here and there certainly does add up and to add to that keeping the kids entertained the kids over the steaming hot summer break, and then to top it all off finally the fun of running around doing the back to school shopping – Whew!!

The kids are NOW back at school and most of us are back to work! We can take a moment or two to breathe a little and its now time to hit the RESET button and get ourselves into a routine that is going to benefit us and become part of our daily lives. There is no point in a hit and miss approach to exercise and fitness. Pilates is a mind body exercise modality that works your body from head to toe in a balanced way. It will improve you strength, Flexibility and Posture as well as calming the mind. If you haven’t tried Pilates this is your opportunity and yes MEN DO PILATES too!

Did you know that sitting is now classed as the new smoking? So if you sit at a desk for your work it is really important that you get a regular exercise programme going.i If you are sitting in a bad posture (who doesn’t) you are compressing your organs and they are not working optimally! Pilates is ideal as it creates balance in your body and improves posture in as little as 10 sessions. You can also take pilates principles into your daily life to help keep your body moving mobile and young. You are only as young as your spine!

We have a 2 fantastic programmes under our 30 DAY RESET Programme. One involving our Pilates Equipment Classes and One involving all our other amazing Mat based classes. This is fantastic for you if you are preparing for you biggest day of your life – Your Wedding or getting yourself back on track after taking a backseat over the last few months or years! The longer you leave it the harder it is to get started again, so take this opportunity to JUST DO IT. Take the plunge and come and see why Cairns Pilates Barre is the best place for you – You will love the variety with all the classes we have on offer.

Our amazing & unique Small classes on offer in our Stunning Smithfield studio including:

Pilates Equipment Classes
• Pilates Reformer (Up to 4 Clients)
• Pilates Tower(Up to 4 Clients)
• Pilates Avalon Systems (2 Clients)
• Pilates Avalon Step Barrel (2 Clients)
• Pilates Wunda Chair
• Cardio Pilates – Utilising the Pilates Reformer and Jump Board (3 Clients)

Mat Based Classes
• Mat Pilates
• bootybarre -Created by Tracey Mallet A head to toe work out fusing Pilates, Dance and Yoga all utilising the Ballet Barre
• bbarreless – Created by Tracey Mallet. Pilates, Dance, Yoga based workout – bootybarre without the barre
• Rhythm Row (6 Clients) Utilising the stunning handmade timber Water Rowers
• Yot-Box-Pilates – Muay Thai boxing (Kick-boxing) incorporating Pilates
• Yot-Fit-Circuit – (6 Clients) utilising Water Rower, Spin Bike, Mat Based bodyweight exercise, Hand weights, Therabands,
• Rhythm Pilates – Created by Lisa Hubbard

We are waiting for YOU to take advantage of our 30 DAYS Unlimited Classes (Pilates Equipment Classes do require 3 x One on One sessions to learn the fundamentals prior to participating in Semi Private Classes)
Fabulous Friendly Basi Pilates Trained Instructors ready to help you reach your Health and Fitness Goals.

See you at the barre
Janine x

Janine 0402 796 211