Three Practical Work Tips To Stay Focused & Stress Free

It’s amazing to think we are already in the last 90 days of the year. I remember my mum saying as she got older time seemed to speed up and I have to say, it certainly seems that way for me too.

These last three months can be exciting as we attend events, achieve goals and at the same time plan for the following year in that last sprint to the Christmas and New Year holidays.

For many people though, it can be a stressful and overwhelming time, where they notice the things they haven’t achieved yet and they pull out all stops to get it done. They juggle and struggle and screech to the finishing line just in the nick of time.

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Because I have often found in both these scenarios there is a similar workload, it’s just that they are experiencing it differently.

So what’s the difference between those who find it exciting and those who find it stressful?

What I have noticed in my work is that it’s related to the way we manage our mindset.

If we don’t manage our mindset well then we can feel that sense of overwhelm and stress. This slows us down, even though it doesn’t feel that way at the time.

When we manage our mindset effectively then we stay calm even though we have the same amount of work. And because our emotional state affects our productivity levels it means we can achieve far more in a much shorter time frame.

Over the years I have discovered practices that help me have an effective mindset. They serve me well in maintaining my state and working productively even in high workload times.
Chunk things down
Prioritising is important but also quite difficult if we haven’t first chunked things down. When we chunk things down, we create bite-sized pieces that are easier to manage and it becomes exciting instead of stressful. Its much more effective to do this with your goals at the beginning of the year, but you can still utilize this powerful tool now. Start with breaking things down before you start work, just as you would a bar of chocolate before you eat it

Block it in
Many people jump from one thing to another and it is an exciting way to work, but its not the most effective way and if we continue to do it, can create stress and overwhelm. When we work in time blocks, we can prioritize well and work really productively. This means chunking down to your daily tasks, blocking in time to do them and not having a break or doing anything else until the time block is complete.

Laser focus on the step you are on
If we feel stressed or overwhelmed we are thinking too far ahead. When we chunk things down well and work in time blocks, then it gives us the space to focus on what we are working on in the present moment. This is where we are at our most powerful and work most productively, because it changes our state. This means stress and overwhelm dissipates and you work with a sense of calm. So turn off social media, your phone and emails, and laser focus on the step you are on.

In summary, maintaining an uplifted state is essential in how successful we are or not and anything we do to care for our mind, body and spirit will contribute positively to this, because they are all connected. It is vital to work with all three.

Three Practical Work Tips To Stay Focused & Stress Free
Deb Johnstone

Mindset and NLP Coach

CBWC Sole Entrepreneur of the Year
Finalist 2016 and 2017