The focus is our Patients!

Dr Nirav Vidraythi
The Dentist Cairns Dental Group

The focus is our Patients!
Photos by Catherine Coombs

He’s a man of principal, a humble man and the only Australian to have been awarded a fellowship of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and a highly respected expert in the field of implants.

Dr Nirav Vidyarthi is the owner of The Dentists Cairns Dental Group but he will state quite clearly to all that he is part of an amazing team of dentists and staff.

“It’s about the team
not just me,” he said.

Dr Nirav has over 30 years of dental experience. His expertise and interests include implant placement and restorations.

Dental implants, which were first introduced to the market in 1986, are becoming a popular solution for people who have missing teeth. “Sometimes teeth don’t last a lifetime and a dental implant is a possible solution,” Dr Nirav said. “Dental implants provide a number of benefits for those seeking alternative solutions to problems created by the loss of a tooth such as renewed ability to chew, improved speech and reduction of possible gum problems and infections. They also lead to increased confidence and self-esteem.”
The Dentist Cairns Dental Group and their team provide comprehensive care and attention to detail to their patient’s needs. The services are varied and include implants as stated above but we also offer comprehensive general dentistry. Dr Nirav and his team place a strong emphasis on providing helpful and friendly expert treatment and advice to their patients while, at the same time, keeping their services affordable and accessible.

“Our practice strives to provide the highest quality dental care and we pride ourselves on delivering helpful and friendly advice while constantly developing our services, ensuring all our patients have access to the latest and the most effective dentistry,” Dr Nirav said.  “All our staff are also strongly committed to ongoing development and training to improve the standard of services and patient care.

“We are a motivated practice who prides themselves on their teamwork with staff who have contributed for the past 12 years. This is what makes this practice ‘a practice of excellence’.

Dr Nirav is an example of what a good dentist is and the staff feel that The Dentists Cairns Dental Group is an extraordinary practice to work in.

318 Mulgrave Rd
Ph 4242 1133