Start the New Year with increased hearing capacity!

Start the New Year with increased hearing capacity!
Joanna Magee

Joanna is an accredited ‘EAR’ with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and is involved in educational seminars for Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

A hearing device that CAN do it all is now available to enhance your hearing and increase your capacity to enjoy life!

With research showing that improved hearing improves quality of life it makes perfect sense to take action and sooner rather than later.

Statistically, people put off improving their hearing because they are sensitive to other people being aware that they are using a device to improve this sense. So, what if no-one else was aware that you had such a device? What if you could hear better than most of your counterparts? What if you were able to relax, join in conversation, get the punchline in a joke, hear clearly on the telephone, immerse yourself in the wonderful sounds of music, hear children’s soft voices, enjoy more intimacy, and bring a whole new world of sound and experience to your life.

These are just some of the benefits of hearing well. An increased sense of independence, a reconnection to family, involvement in social interactions, better interaction at work and less stress for those trying to communicate with you.

Strengthened neural pathways, a rewiring of the brain, and areas freed up to do their own job along with reduced stress are all healthy enhancements.

Here is the perfect solution; a device that CAN do what everyone wants it to do including being completely concealed within the ear canal where it can operate 24/7 just as our ears do. A device that doesn’t need removed, that you can sleep, work and play with and forget it is there at all.

A hearing device that CAN disappear.
A hearing device that CAN win a popularity contest.
A hearing device that CAN be lived with, not lived around.
A hearing device that CAN improve relationships with you as well as others.
A hearing device that CAN be worn all day every day and every night as well.
A hearing device that CAN stay in the ear for up to four months at a time.

This device is readily accepted by people wanting ultimate discretion, comfort and convenience. A free trial of the device is available to anyone who is a candidate. So, with the proof of the pudding being in the eating and nothing to lose but your hearing loss and so much to gain now is an excellent time to take up this opportunity.

Statistics show the main reason people delay taking action to improve their hearing is the belief that they will be perceived as being less than normal if they are seen using a hearing device. The Lyric overcomes this obstacle as no one will be aware that you are wearing it.

The other unique feature is that the device is available on subscription rather than purchasing it outright. Each time a new device is fitted it will have the latest Lyric™ technology.

Designed with the Baby Boomer in mind, age has proved no barrier to the uptake of the device. With people citing reasons such as convenience for their desire to have it, that is, you wear it and forget it and don’t need to fiddle at all or even change a battery it appeals to people of all ages.

If your new year’s resolution is to improve your quality of life then improving your hearing will certainly do this. Contact AUDiOHEALTH on 4041 7860 and book a free pre-candidacy check to see if you are suitable for the device or visit the clinic at 125 Grafton Street Cairns or 3/3 Cook Street Atherton or a visiting clinic at Mareeba, Yungaburra, Innisfail or Mission Beach.