Better Hearing for the Festive Season | Joanna Magee

If you want to experience the joy of the festive season fully then make sure your hearing is optimized. We spend time buying new clothes, decorating our homes, attending to personal needs, sprucing ourselves up and purchasing gifts not to mention the all important preparation for Christmas Day and ringing in the New Year! Yet we often forget to ensure our senses are primed for enjoyment.

Hearing is one of our most important senses, and one we often take for granted. Our ability to hear allows us to connect to life, to communicate effectively and enjoy life through music, sounds and conversation. A life without hearing would be colourless and dull.

Helen Keller recognized the importance of hearing loss when she described how her loss of eyesight meant a loss of connection to things but her hearing loss meant a loss of connection to people. And people is what makes the festive season so enjoyable.

During this time we socialize more. The definition of socialize is: meeting people, mixing, mingling, entertainment and partying. Sound plays an integral role in socializing. We need to be able to hear conversation clearly in order to interact with other people. And apart from wanting to hear conversation well, there is wonderful music and other sounds to enjoy. Not to mention watching more movies and concerts and getting out to parties.

Most hearing loss is gradual and insidious, creeping up so slowly that the transition from normal hearing to advanced hearing impairment can occur with little initial obvious signs. Sometimes people complain of occasional ringing in their ears, a sign that there is some damage to the hearing system. Others make vague complaints of feeling they just aren’t hearing speech clearly anymore particularly the younger generation whom they indict mumble.

Whilst some people don’t articulate well it is more likely that the person is no longer hearing the high frequency content of speech as well as they once did but with nothing to compare this to there is a feeling of loss but nothing definite. The only way to be sure is to have a hearing test which compares your hearing to normal levels. This test can also determine the degree of hearing loss and the frequencies that are impacted.

“Don’t let hearing loss disrupt your lifestyle. Hearing loss can make people look or feel old, so people are afraid to face it or to be seen seeking help. Statistics have shown it can take up to seven years before people take any action after being diagnosed with hearing loss, explains Joanna Magee, director of the family Practice, AUDiOHEALTH.

Those that chose to take action to improve their hearing and to get fully involved in life and fully participate, improve their relationships and enjoy a better quality of life both physically and mentally.

Research has also shown that when the part of the brain that is used for understanding speech starts to diminish; there’s a cognitive decline. fMRI scans have shown that the neuropathways of the brain strengthen once you have amplification. Neglecting it can lead to feelings of isolation, depression, cognitive decline, dementia.

The stigma of those ugly beige bananas is a thing of the past. The advances in hearing technology are outstandingly smart and hearing devices that are totally concealed. New hearing devices enable direct communication with other devices so you can hear sound directly in your ears.

Whether you’re looking for a hearing test or the latest hearing devices, you can rest assured that you are in sound hands with AUDiOHEALTH’s outstanding service and support.

We are an independent clinic valuing service and offering more choice of innovative products. We’re unique in having three generations of involvement in hearing healthcare.

This festive season we are offering a 4 week trial of a hearing device which will help you enjoy all the wonderful sounds of Christmas and ring in the New Year with restored vitality.

Don’t miss another precious word! Connect with friends and family and fully participate in the joy of the season. Life never sounded so good!”

Joanna is an accredited ‘EAR’ with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and is involved in educational seminars for Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health Professionals.

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