TAS Paul Sjogren Student Success at the Forefront

Before Trinity Anglican School Principal Paul Sjogren moved to Cairns at the start of 2017, he had heard only fantastic things about the popular TAS community.

“A previous principal I worked with at Whitsunday Anglican School had been a Deputy Principal here, and my previous principal at St Andrew’s Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast was the chaplain here so I had all these links to TAS that made me want to come here,” he said.

“Everyone looks at TAS as the pinnacle of regional schools in Queensland, so I always hoped one day I would be here.”

Paul had been to Cairns before on holidays with his family, and is now thrilled to be part of the community.

“I absolutely love it here in Cairns,” he said. “I love the surrounding mountains, the natural beauty, the community of Cairns and its culture. It has a whole range of different cultures and nationalities in this melting pot, and everyone seems to respect each other. I find it incredibly liberating.”

What he is most passionate about, however, is ensuring his students succeed in life.

“All students are given the opportunity and support to shine,” he said. “Our core belief is that every student can reach their academic potential, and we work hard to assist them to do so.
“I get great satisfaction from seeing students succeed. I thoroughly enjoy seeing parents engaged with their children’s education, seeing staff making changes to what they do and then seeing the results of those changes and the sense of professional satisfaction that brings.”

Over his career, Paul has held positions as a Head of a Wigan Boarding House at Ballarat Grammar School, Head of Mathematics at Whitsunday Anglican School in Mackay and Director of Senior School and Deputy Principal at St Andrew’s Anglican College on the Sunshine Coast.

Paul, TAS teachers and staff all work together to help each and every student achieve academic success.

“I’m a big believer in using data and evidence to help our students, so we’ve done a lot of work with assessing, pre-testing and post-testing students and then using their growth in learning as a way of pinpointing areas that they may not have done as well in and then adjusting our pedagogy in order to improve each student’s learning,” he said.

“We have terrific teachers who are genuinely interested in helping each student reach their academic personal best. They’re happy to spend time with students outside of class helping them.”

The high standard co-educational environment of TAS is built upon a framework of Anglican values where students can experience the highly successful educational journey Anglican schools provide.

“I really like the Anglican framework, standards and expectations based on Christian values,” said Paul, who has attended and taught at Anglican schools for years. “I think it provides a really good road map for everyone. Everyone within an Anglican school knows what’s expected and what the right thing to do is. Our students also learn the value of service to others and to be grateful for their opportunities.

“Students at Trinity Anglican School make lifelong friends and become part of the Australian Anglican school family, recognised as the best school sector in Australia, producing leaders of yesteryear, today and the future.”
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Words by Janie Barton | Photo by Catherine Coombs