TAS | Leadership with laughter at TAS welcome

Anecdotally, a school principal does not have a sense of humour.  They’re firm, stern and perhaps even a little feared.

Trinity Anglican School Principal Paul Sjogren showed the TAS Community that he breaks that mould. Mr Sjogren had parents and staff laughing during his brief speech at a recent TAS welcome function.

Opening with an explanation of why he grew a moustache over Christmas, and laying the blame fairly and squarely on parent feedback, he then promised, amidst much laughter, to shave it all off again.

Although his relaxed sense of humour is welcomed by TAS parents, it’s Paul’s leadership, quiet strength and energy that they’re most impressed with; as well as his evident passion for academic excellence.


“At TAS, we believe all students are able to achieve to their academic best with the right support and encouragement. Whilst it is very pleasing to see such a large proportion of our graduates receiving excellent OPs, it is just as important that ALL students achieve their optimum OP.”

This is reflected in the recent successful OP Scores at TAS. From 65 students who graduated in 2017, 50% received an OP score between 1 and 8, with an astounding six students receiving an OP1 and a further seven students receiving an OP2.
“Whether they have taken a gap year in 2018, obtained a job, or attending university internationally or around Australia, we are very proud of our graduates.  We know they will go on to become major contributors to the community,” Mr Sjogren said.

Not surprisingly, the strong academic focus of TAS is reflected in current enrolments at White Rock senior school. The 2018 Year 7 cohort is at its maximum capacity, with current Year 7 enrolment queries being placed on a waitlist.
And the 2019 Year 7 cohort is shaping up to be the same.

“Students transitioning from TAS junior school are offered first priority for a place in Year 7,” explained Mr Sjogren, “with remaining places then being offered to current new enrolments, followed by students applying to transfer from other schools.”

Paul Sjogren commended the work of the academic leadership team. He told parents that he is enjoying the collaboration between Peter Gazzola, Head of Junior at White Rock, and Mary Kershaw, Head of Junior at Kewarra Beach, going on to say that he is in awe of their innovation and inspiration.

Later in the evening, he assured a small group of parents that the academic leadership team of “Peter, Paul and Mary” had no intention of a career change into the entertainment industry.
“With a singing voice like mine, I think we should stick to what we know best – Educating young minds,” he said. “We will continue to provide the tools, skills and motivation for our students to reach their personal best”

“Learn with all their minds, Believe with all their hearts, and Achieve with all their might.”