Face Today

Photos by Catherine Coombs
Part of the team
From back left Sue Collins,
Alvin Cheam, Caterina Fringuello
Front left ChloE Bridgland and Nicole Belle

Age doesn’t have to look the way it used to!
Today, ageing is more subtle. More gradual. Shouldn’t your anti-ageing be just as subtle? Not an overnight miracle or a quick-fix, but a gradual, long-lasting natural improvement – an enhancement of your best features.

The frozen, overfilled look is what has turned many women away from treatment. Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments are accessible anywhere but it’s not the total answer to looking good for your age.

The Slow Facelift is a Face Today’s signature treatment journey, which is a non-surgical alternative to traditional facelifts, using (facial Injectables) regeneration solutions which help to replace lost collagen and elastin naturally.

Correcting shallow to deep facial wrinkles and folds that appear gradually over time can now be reversed naturally using bio stimulating products re-growing your own natural youth. Aspects of The Slow Facelift have been used by physicians for decades and now in combination with technology, we can help prevent the signs of ageing.

Using an exclusive technique that gives subtle results over time, Face Today’s Slow Facelift replaces lost collagen to give you a more natural-looking appearance, without giving you away.

A full treatment involves a product that re-grows lost volume, with the second treatment creating elastin and collagen. Then, our non surgical laser treatments can increase the results, creating a younger, tighter, fresher face with effects lasting for years. Welcome to the new age of anti-age!

The technique focuses on beautiful skin by stimulating collagen and elastin to give an amazing glow, a gradual lift of cheek tissue to plump out your shine, and lifting and toning the neck and jawline. The Face Today team have been performing the procedure for over 10 years and have developed a strong following of local devotees who have halted their signs of ageing.

Experience you can trust

Face Today founder and registered nurse, Nicole Belle is at the core of the business and has decades of experience including a former highly successful clinic in Sydney, is excited to focus solely on Cairns and local areas to share solutions for North Queenslanders.

“At Face Today, we believe everyone deserves to look and feel their confident best. We deliver more than just treatments – we listen carefully to our clients’ goals and create a personalised treatment plan to deliver on their goals. We treat clients using a wide range of treatments from skin therapies through to injectables and aim to holistically look after their skin health,” she said.

Newly appointed clinic manager and cosmetic nurse, Alvin Cheam leads the team. The team consists of many well-known faces including Kerie Jackson, Kathy Barley, Caterina Fringuello, Marg Mee, Chloe Bridgland, Sue Collins and Fran Jackson. The team has exciting growth plans with doctors being able to treat in-clinic soon.With decades of experience combined, the Face Today team are masters of their craft, and believe everyone can look healthy and rejuvenated without surgically invasive procedures or tell-tale signs of treatments.

Face Today’s Marg Mee also offers services in Port Douglas, Atherton Tablelands and soon she will be available in Tully. Marg is the team’s ‘travelling nurse’ and when she isn’t making the most of Cairns, travels to Melbourne each month to treat a loyal client base.

Recently acquired by rapidly growing Artisan Aesthetic Group, Face Today now has access to more advanced treatments and technologies, a highly skilled medical board, an in-house training academy, a client loyalty program and an industry leading client software interface. The team are thrilled to be working with Artisan and excited about their careers and the future.

Face Today’s new loyalty program will launch in September, earning valued clients one rewards dollar for every $25 spent in clinic. The rewards dollars will be redeemable across treatments in-clinic, from injectables to their signature Slow Facelift. The other great news is there is no expiry date on the points, so clients can save them up for a special treatment or redeem them as often as liked. The loyalty program is Face Today’s way of thanking clients for trusting us with their skin.

Also launching in September will be online bookings, offering busy clients a convenient way to book in for treatments via Face Today’s website, www.facetoday.com.au