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Decades of dedication

“ Unless there is doctoring or nursing which has to be done in hospital, patients get better faster when they’re at home.”

For over 21 years Dr Neil Gordon at Cairns Urology has provided urological care to the people of Far North Queensland. Contrary to some rumours, he is not retiring yet.

During that time there have been many significant changes, complementing his view that investigations, medications and operations should be carried out to enable patients to live for a long time and a good time. This is something he emphasises when he teaches urology to medical students at James Cook University.

He has pioneered the management of urological care in regional Australia with his purchase of an Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter, which breaks up kidney stones with sound waves.

In addition, he purchased a flexible ureteroscope and laser for stone removal, a flexible cystoscope for bladder examination, an ultrasound for prostate biopsy and monitoring surgery in cryotherapy. This is a freezing treatment for prostate cancer.

“Cryotherapy treats localised prostate cancer, and it’s about an hour and a half day surgery,” Dr Gordon said. He introduced cryotherapy when patients had to travel and stay in Townsville or Brisbane for radiotherapy for eight weeks. It is still part of the armamentarium for prostate cancer treatment.

Routine Transurethral Resection of Prostate is carried out in day surgery as well as other procedures such as vasectomy and vasectomy reversal.

“It is always a great thrill to be sent a picture of a baby after that is successful,” he remarked.

He also provides comprehensive treatment for disorders in women such as recurrent infections and incontinence.

Dr Gordon also holds a certificate in MRI prostate detection and biopsy from Radboud University Medical Center at Nijmegen, Netherlands. This was a world first for a urologist!

When patients attend Cairns Urology, they will see a specialist right away and know that the same specialist will be the one who treats them without having to go through a long waiting period.

“Nearly everything I do is done in day surgery and with a nursing team have developed better post-operative care, reducing lengths of stay so patients can go home sooner,” he said. “Unless there is doctoring or nursing which has to be done in hospital, patients get better faster when they’re at home.”

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