Cairns Iconic Businesses

There is no doubt that Cairns’ local businesses are a huge boost to our economy. Not only do they employ locals, they bring growth and innovation into the city, and their money stays in and supports our community.

We are lucky in Cairns to have so many dedicated business owners who are helping to improve our city. From real estate to medical specialists and everything in between, Cairns is home to some amazing businesses.

We’re proud to feature some of the city’s most iconic businesses and their owners, who strive to deliver the best customer service to their clients and keep employment opportunities in the city. You’ll enjoy reading about these passionate business owners and their teams and learn some of the secrets to their success.

We’ve discovered that all of these local business owners go above and beyond to deliver the best service and products to their customers, ensuring ongoing prosperity for not only the city but our region as well.

As locals ourselves, we are proud to support as many of these home-grown businesses as possible. Thanks to them and their passionate staff, Cairns doesn’t have to rely on a few industries to support our economy.

When you shop and buy locally, you ensure the longevity of local industries, and you get to know the people behind the products and services who are committed to keeping Cairns thriving.

We know you’ll enjoy reading the stories behind the success of some of the top businesses in Cairns.