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Committed to caring since 1978

“ We believe strongly in having close relationships with our patients and their families to guide them to good health.”

Having a trusted relationship with your doctor is one of the best ways to maintain or improve your health, which is why the general practitioners at Barrier Reef Medical Centre focus on individualised care for each of their patients.

“We believe it’s important people should have a good relationship with their doctor,” said Dr Ian Bennett, co-owner of the practice. “The basis on which we practice is ensuring each patient receives adequate consultation, time individual attention.”

Started in 1978 by Dr Michael McAuliffe (who left BRMC in 2008 but only retired earlier this year), the seven doctors at the practice are long-term Cairns’ residents who also have established relationships with both the private and public hospitals. They also have long-term relationships with specialists, allied health workers and natural health practitioners, enabling them to offer patients referrals to the top experts in their respective fields.

Dr Bennett is the longest-serving doctor at the practice, having started in 1984.

“It has been an honour to have cared for so many people and families, sometimes up to five generations in one family in my own community,” he said. “It is wonderful to see second and third generation of patients at the practice.

“We believe strongly in having close relationships with our patients and their families to guide them to good health and best management for long-term illness.”

Dr Bennett’s special interests are in musculoskeletal and injury management, chronic disease, aged and palliative care. He’s also involved in the training of medical students and GP registrars which “keeps me on my toes and engaged”.

As well as specialising in Family Medicine, the practice’s doctors’ interests include Antenatal Share Care, Children’s Health, Sports and Physical Medicine, Travel Medicine and Child Immunisations, Sexual Health, Skin Care including Digital Dermatoscopy and on-site excisions, Commercial and Workplace medicine including DAME (Designated Aviation Medical Examiner), employment medicals, Palliative care, nursing home and elderly home visits as well as end-of-life care.

Dr Bennet co-owns the state-of-the-art practice with Drs Andy Morice, Katrina Marshall and Carl Vogler.

Dr Morice, who has been living in Cairns since 2008, graduated with his Doctor of Medicine degree in 1993 from the University of Arizona and following this obtained his specialist in family medicine qualification through the American Board of Family Medicine in 1996.

He has also obtained qualification as a HIV medicine specialist from the American Academy of HIV Medicine and practiced in the field 12 years before moving to Australia. He also enjoys his work in adult medicine and palliative care.
Dr Marshall, who graduated from the University of Tasmania in 2004, completed her general practice training in 2010 before moving to Cairns in 2011. She has also completed a diploma in obstetrics and gynaecology and a diploma in child health, and her special areas of interest are women’s health (including shared antenatal care), sexual health, child and adolescent health and ward health.

Dr Vogler graduated from the University of Queensland in 2005 and immediately moved to Cairns. He has a certificate in family planning, sexual health, a special interest in travel and aviation medicine, chronic diseases, diabetes management and Indigenous health. He is currently studying a master’s in forensic medicine through Monash University.

With a diploma in obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr Richards has an ongoing interest in women’s health including shared obstetric care and paediatrics.

Dr Delaney’s areas of interest are women’s health, antenatal care and travel medicine.

Dr Harrison, a born-and-bred local, graduated from James Cook University in 2011 and spent the next five years working in various roles in the hospital system before moving into GP training in 2016.

The doctors have a strong commitment to their own individual medical education, all being certified with the Royal College of General Practice for Quality Improvement and Continuing Professional Development (QI & CPD). The medical centre is also accredited as a training practice, involved in the training of GP Registrars and medical students.

“We believe good health is the right of all people, and our role to act as an advocate for our patients’ needs,” Dr Bennett said.

Barrier Reef Medical Centre

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