Julie-ann Lambourne | enVizion Group Inc | Inspirational Leader

Julie-ann Lambourne has overcome extraordinary obstacles to turn her life around, and now she’s on a mission to help others do the same.

Julie-ann, who won the 2017 Cairns Business Women’s Award for Indigenous Business Women of the Year as well as the Australian Institute of Leaders and Managers Not-for-Profit Leader for Cairns, is passionate about helping others who are in similar situations as she was.

“My life was full of turmoil as a child and young adult,” said Julie-ann, CEO and one of the founding members of enVizion Group Inc, an Indigenous owned and operated organisation that is at the cutting-edge of digital technologies delivering targeted programs specialising in the delivery of pre-employment, life skills mentoring and relevant accredited training. 

“I grew up not knowing of the opportunities that were available,” she said. “Overcoming all of those things, being able to impart what I know to other people and teaching them to see beyond their circumstances and recognise their potential is what drives me every day. This is enVizion’s mission.”

Julie-ann has rebounded from drug and alcohol addictions and suicide attempts to help people defeat similar issues.
“The delivery of our skills-based programs is from the premise of helping people look at where they’re at now, identifying different choices in life and helping them achieve their goals,” said Julie-ann, who was also invited to talk at TedX in Cairns. “We teach people how to overcome and put structures and support mechanisms in place to ensure they succeed.”

enVizion also built the world’s-first virtual reality bus to visit regional and remote communities throughout Australia delivering career-aspirational virtual reality experience that expose people of all ages to potential career opportunities.

“The virtual reality experiences include real people, who we call story tellers, working in five industries that are embedded into the virtual reality environment. The purpose is to show people of any age differing opportunities that are out there and inspire them to pursue their dreams,” Julie-ann said.

“We’ve seen so many lives being touched and changed. It’s been wonderful.”

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