Aviation Training | The sky’s the limit

Get your career off to a flying start in the aviation industry through Cairns Aviation Skills Centre (CASC), a nationally and internationally recognised aviation-training centre of excellence.

“There are just so many great careers in the aviation industry,” said CASC Business Manager Chris Pigott, who has been in the industry for more than 30 years. “With a career in aviation, you can travel the world.”

The CASC is an award-winning training centre for both domestic and international students for employment in the aviation industry worldwide. It has had more than 600 local apprentices through its training program as well as thousands of students from all over the world.
“The international standard we have here is recognised throughout the world,” Mr Pigott said.

To kick start 2018, CASC is offering a Cert 4 Mechanical Apprenticeship Course starting January 15. It will also have a Cert 2 in Aircraft Turnaround Maintenance for Year 11 students starting in the new school year and a Cert 4 in Avionics in July.

A $4.5 million expansion of the Cairns’ Hawker Pacific hanger facilities, which starts this month, will increase its floor space by 50 per cent to service more aircraft. It will not only increase CASC’ live aircraft student facilities, but also offer more career options to graduates.

“A significant portion of the new operation staff will be sourced from CASC with the project providing a valuable pathway for graduates,” Member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt said at the Cairns Airport Aviation Careers Open Day in October 2017.

The CASC’s training provider is Aviation Australia, an accredited Registered Training Organisation that is recognised as the leading aviation technical training provider in the Asia-Pacific region.

“The aviation industry is really taking off,” said Mr Pigott, who started in the industry as an apprentice. “I can tell you first hand that joining the industry is an excellent career move.”

Cairns Aviation Skills Centre
1 Tom McDonald Drive, Cairns Airport
Ph: 4034 8101