Kimono-clad and wielding traditional drums, swords and noodles, will be featured as the Japanese Bon Dance Festival is presented by the Japanese Society of Cairns on September 2 at Fogarty Park.
This event is reminiscent of the Bon Festival held annually in Japan as a celebration of family, especially ancestors. It is a folk art boasting a 500-year history and has long been associated with the Japanese summer.

Originally, the dance was performed to amuse returning ancestral spirits and to send them back on their way. It also served as an important form of entertainment in rural communities where hard-working farming people who had little in the way of amusement would dance the night away.

The Cairns event will include a range of delicious Japanese food, cultural performances and a communal Bon dance in which everyone can partake. The thrill of Bon dancing lies in joining the circle and dancing alongside the others. You can jump in and participate at any time, just follow the steps of the other dancers. Last year the event attracted more than 7,000 visitors.
The festival runs from 2pm to 8pm.

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