About Us


The premier Lifestyle & Business magazine in Cairns.Written, designed and produced in the Cairns CBD.

At CityLife Cairns we focus on the people, businesses and events that make this beautiful city turn. We provide a platform for businesses to reach their markets and for people to have their say.

We pride ourselves on sophisticated photography, design and interesting articles produced by our dedicated local team.


Lance Collyer is the creative and strategic mind while Jacqui Nolan is the face and business behind CityLife Cairns. With Lance’s 29 years in publishing an array of numerous magazines and Jacqui’s varied mix of marketing and hospitality experience,CityLife Cairns possesses a unique combination of beauty and brains along with the skills needed to inform, entertain and educate in a style equally appreciated by its male and female readers.

Jacqui a Cairns local, school captain of both St. Francis Xavier and St. Monica’s College has a varied mix of marketing, events and hospitality experience.

Lance was the founder and creator of CityLife magazine, the current owner and publisher of DarwinLife, CairnsHome magazine, DarwinHome magazine and Cairns Backpacker Magazine.

We hope you enjoy the personalities, businesses and events that will be showcased monthly in our quality free publication -CityLife Cairns.

Happy reading,

Lance Collyer and Jacqui Nolan
Joint Publishers