True grit leads to success

For someone who didn’t know anything about real estate until he started his career, Elite Real Estate Services co-owner Karl Latham has proven that study, determination and hard work do lead to success.

Karl entered the industry in 2008 at PRD Nationwide, which became Elite Real Estate Services in 2010, and soon worked his way up the ranks before taking over the helm with co-owner Troy McGuane two years ago.

“I accidentally fell into real estate,” said Karl, who was named four times on Queensland’s A List, which ranks the state’s top property performers. “I was a panel beater by trade and after that I wanted to experience what Australia had to offer so I went to work on a farm in the Outback and then worked on a fishing boat on the Gulf of Carpentaria. An ex employer then suggested I try real estate, and he planted the seed.”

While he’s not eligible to be on the A-list any longer because he’s a principal now, he still lists and sells property. In fact, he was recently told by a Cairns REA area manager that he is the number one listing agent in Cairns over the last 12 months with 124 properties listed on their website. The second agent listed 70.

“It’s not about accolades or awards, but the true reflection of success to me is how many people I have helped,” he said. “We’re here to help people achieve their lifestyle dreams.”

While he still lists and sells properties, his focus since taking over Elite Real Estate Services with Troy has been on modernising the business and training and upskilling staff.

“Our motto of helping people achieve their lifestyle dreams is not just about buyers and sellers,” he said. “It’s also about our staff members and helping them achieve their dreams.”

True grit leads to success
Karl Latham
Elite Real Estate Services
Words By Janie Barton • Photo By Catherine Coombs

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