The healing power of three

Starting from humble beginnings working one day a week out of a shed in Malanda, Drs Jim Ainsley and Matt Jacob have built Care Chiropractic Queensland (CCQ) into the success it is today with practices now in Cairns, Mareeba, Malanda and Innisfail.

It started in n 2012, when Dr Jim returned to native soil in Far North Queensland after practicing chiropractic and consulting in Europe. He had made a promise to a keen chiropractic student, Matt, that the two would start a practice when Matt finished college at the New Zealand College of Chiropractic.

And so they did. They partnered with Dr Tim Jack, a fellow classmate of Dr Matt’s who now runs the Malanda practice, and together serve all members of the four communities, including newborns, multi-generational families, seniors and athletes.

The CCQ Cairns clinic started in the suburban outdoors on Dr Jim’s back patio, and soon outgrew its premises and moved to McLeod St. From there, CCQ purchased its existing practice on Aumuller Street, where it operates six days a week.

The CCQ Innisfail practice started with longstanding patients who had been travelling from the Tablelands to see Dr Jim. The chiropractors soon introduced a monthly road trip with stops between Cairns and Mission Beach, where they would stop in at patients’ houses along the way to care for the patients and their families. After an existing practice in Innisfail closed, CCQ Innisfail officially opened and included those patients. 

In 2018, after six years together, Dr Jim is passing the reigns to Drs Matt and Tim and wishes them well looking after the patients.

CCQ strives to provide the highest quality chiropractic care and is supported by the delivery of workshops on spinal care, nutrition and family health. Their goal is to create vibrant families within our communities.

The healing power of three
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