Supportive leader

Chris Pigott is passionate about helping people gain a career in aviation.

The Business Manager for Cairns Aviation Skills Centre (CASC), a position he’s held for 12 years, says the time is perfect to pursue a career in the industry.

“Airbus just published their forecast for aircraft orders, and they’re predicting an additional 15,895 aircraft in the next 20 years in our Asia Pacific region,” he said. “That is an additional 794 aircraft a year for the next 20 years. The airlines are going to need a lot of trained aircraft engineers and pilots to look after these new aircraft.”

CASC is a purpose-built aviation training centre of excellence offering internationally-recognised aviation qualifications.

It currently trains 40 apprentices from FNQ and 43 from the Northern Territory. Students from over 14 countries have been trained in Cairns, and CASC currently also conducts Cert 2 high school programs and Certificate 4 in Avionics and Mechanical.

“Aviation is vital to Cairns,” Chris said. “Without aviation the whole place stops. We conduct aircraft engineer training for the Australian and European authorities, so our graduates can work anywhere in the world.”

To help promote a career in the industry, CASC, Cairns Airport, Hawker Pacific and the aviation industry are hosting a Cairns Airport’s Careers Day August 26 from 9am to noon.

“It’s free to attend,” Chris said. “Representatives from all the operators here at the airport will attend, and we’ll have about 20 aircraft on display that the public can actually access.”
As a former apprentice himself, Chris is highly supportive of giving people the best training possible.

“All of the instructors at CASC are highly qualified aircraft engineers with many years’ experience and we try and pass on as much knowledge as we can to the students to help them and produce the best apprentices we possibly can for the industry,” he said.

Supportive leader
Chris Pigott
Cairns Aviation Skills Centre

1 Tom McDonald Drive,
Cairns Airport
Ph: 4034 8101