Prevention is the key

Prevention is better than cure, according to dental surgeon Dr Barry Bennett, who has operated his own clinic in Earlville for more than 30 years. 

Dr Bennett said it is much better to have regular checkups so any minor dental issues can be detected before they become major concerns. 

He and his team at BB Dental pride themselves on being friendly and caring in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

Dr Bennett recommends six-monthly checkups to ensure the best possible care. 

“Early intervention is certainly the most effective strategy,” he said. “That way we can detect small problems early. If they are left for a couple of years they can become major problems.” 
If you are scared of visiting the dentist, Dr Bennett and his team are on hand to ensure your experience is as fast, comfortable and painless as possible.

“Some people are anxious when they visit the dentist,” he said. “We are as gentle as we can be and they usually realise it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be. 

Dental techniques have also improved significantly over the years.

“We use relaxation techniques such as breathing deeply through their nose, distracting them and informing them what’s happening. We even have laughing gas to help them relax.”

Dentistry is a career Dr Bennett certainly loves, after more than 30 years.

“I love the variety and range of things I do,” he said. “I don’t just specialise in one thing. I also have a number of patients I have known for years who have become friends. I believe if you do the right thing by people, they will treat you well in return.”

Prevention is the key

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