Plastic – there’s a time and a place

Showcasing the educated use of plastics is what Colin Van Staveren, owner of FNQ Plastics, does best.

“There’s a lot of negativity about plastics in today’s climate, but whatever we make lasts 25 years and is typically recycled or recyclable,” he said. “We don’t make or use single-use plastics.”

FNQ Plastics supply and manufacture a versatile range of hardy plastic products and components for domestic, industrial, commercial, scientific, marine and retail/office applications.

Colin’s 31 years of professional experience in the plastics industry includes working with large corporate companies in metropolitan cities through to smaller businesses in regional areas.
When he took over FNQ Plastics 11 years ago, it was just him and two apprentices in a small 400sq m factory. Today, with his wife Lesley, he employs eight, has moved into a 1100sq m facility and is recognised as being the Far North Queensland specialist in custom designed Perspex and plastic fabrication.

“I’m always learning,” Colin said. “The most exciting thing about plastic is there’s always new things to learn and do with plastics.”

Colin puts a high priority on keeping his team happy, allowing them to take ownership of their work and upskilling them.

“You have to have the right people to make a successful business,” he said. “I believe in training our team and treating them the way you want to be treated as they are the heartbeat of our business.”

The father of three also believes family is the foundation.

“When your wife and kids are great, then you will be too,” he said.

Colin and wife Lesley are in the midst of planning FNQ’s first plastic recycling factory, which will turn plastic bags and bottles into garden edging, seat beaches, wheel tops, garden beds and a whole dynamic range of products.

“We are excited about this new factory,” he said. “We are at the beginning and it’s a long road, but it’s an exciting challenge and one that is vital for our region. I say bring it on!”

Plastic – there’s a time and a place
Colin Van Staveren
FNQ Plastics

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