Plan to succeed

For GKS Chartered Accountants Principal Greg Stanton, accounting is not just about the numbers, it is the interaction with clients he thrives on.

Ambitious business owners are the ideal client for the accounting firm, and Greg loves to help them succeed. 

His passion is helping people achieve their goals through budgeting and business plans. 
“We have had clients who were close to going broke and were even using their kids’ savings,” Greg said.

“Once we made changes to their business plan they had a million dollar profit.
“There was another couple who wanted to buy their own home. We helped them realise how much money they were spending on cigarettes and they decided to quit. 
“We discussed what kind of house they would like, I then printed out a picture of a house and framed it so they could look at it and have a goal to strive for. 
“This is what inspires me to go to work, to help clients achieve their goals.”

Greg said he practises what he preaches. “I have my own business plan and goals I strive to achieve,” he said. “I believe that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”
GKS Chartered Accountants specialise in taxation, business, auditing, superannuation and bookkeeping. 
“We focus on aspirational business owners,” Greg said. “We help them run their businesses better so that they accumulate sufficient assets to enjoy a satisfying lifestyle.
“A key part of our approach is to help these business owners make more informed decisions.”
GKS also pride themselves on using the latest technology.
“We use a Xero add-on software package that provides forecasting, reporting, what-if and budgeting,” Greg said. “It monitors a client’s data on a daily basis and helps us identify opportunities and threats and solve them quickly.”

Plan to succeed
GKS Chartered Accountants
WORDS BY Stacey Carrick

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