Exceeding expectations

Excellent customer service is now the cornerstone of the retail industry. 
Audi Centre Cairns dealer principal/director Alan Ren believes that excellent service comes from the ability to listen to the customer and exceed their unique individual expectations.
He has succeeded in doing just that after acquiring the Mulgrave Road franchise last year, which specialises in Audi, Peugeot, Citroen, Foton and used cars. It is currently ranked number one in the country for Audi aftersales customer service June year to date.
The ‘one stop shop’ is perfect for all your vehicle needs, including new and used vehicles, parts, service and finance. 
Alan and his wife Connie and daughter Alana, 4, moved from Sydney when the Audi dealership opportunity arose.
“It was a combination of the dream business opportunity and lifestyle,” he said.
“I’ve always worked for multinational corporations delivering professional services to my clients. I always had a passion for small businesses and taking the step into retail is something I’ve always wanted to do. 
“There are a lot of challenges with operating a small business. The key is to empower the team to solve these issues timely by asking the right questions.”
Alan hopes to change the perception of the car industry.
“The perception can be that we are not transparent with our customers,” he said.
“I believe you need integrity and honesty above all else. Word of mouth is incredibly important in business and life in general. There might be no short-term benefit but it is the only way to establish a lasting business in the long term.”
The Cairns Audi Centre was ranked the number one Audi franchise in customer service and the fastest growing rural dealer in Audi sales for the first half of this year out of 42 franchisees in the country, an accomplishment Alan is incredibly proud of. 

Exceeding expectations
Audi Centre Cairns 
Words by Stacey Carrick • PHOTO BY Catherine Coombs

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