Carrying on proud tradition

A picture of Laurie and Dennis Manning taken when they were kids hanging around the business and happily eating pies hangs on a wall in the reception area of Manning’s Pies. While many things have changed since that photo was taken, some things have remained the same.

The two brothers, directors of the 82-year-old business, still smile when the bite into a Manning’s Pie, which they do at least once a day. But instead of hanging around the business, the two are now hands-on in running it.

They both work nights in the kitchen making 26 varieties of pies and sausage rolls, and they have also started making fresh bread and buns this year. With 3000 pies made daily, they also have seven others helping them in the kitchen.

Both started working at the business, which was started by their grandfather in 1936, while they were in high school.

“We still have friends from school who come in to buy pies,” Laurie said. “Some even come in every day.”

While the basic recipe for the pies is based on their grandfather’s original meat pie recipe, ingredients have changed over the years and new creations, such as curry pies, have been added. Their most popular are the beef steak and curry pies.

Manning’s Pies can be found throughout North Queensland at petrol stations and IGA stories, to name some of the outlets. They are also handily available from privately-owned vans which sell them on the side of the road.

“The secret to the success of the pies is that we use good-quality local meat and good-quality ingredients inside each home-baked pastry,” Dennis said. “That’s why we have so many regular customers who have been coming here for years.”

Carrying on proud tradition
Laurie and Dennis Manning Manning’s Pies
Words By Janie Barton • Photo By Catherine Coombs

194-196 Newell Street Bungalow
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