Assisting new beginnings

While Phil Cassell is busy enough as Managing Director of Eco Civil Solutions, he is now spearheading five new projects to help improve employment opportunities and economic growth for the city.

He purchased Cairns Service Centre in December, a mechanical workshop where he hires people over 50 as well as young people as apprentices to get them back into the workforce again.

He also bought 50 per cent of a multi-media company and is planning to open eight franchises in Queensland, employing countless people across many industries.

“The multi-media company is centred around holiday destinations,” he said. “The first site will open in October, so people who want to visit Queensland can plan their whole holiday on that website including booking tours and accommodation.

“My focus is on regional Queensland. I think there are some fantastic employees in these regional areas who just don’t get the opportunities they would in the big cities. So, let’s give them the opportunities.

“Some of these people have seen hard days and just need a small step up to get them back into life,” Phil said with a philanthropic tone.

He recently started the NQ Civil Construction Association, an incorporated membership association for the civil construction industry from Mackay to the Torres Strait. He wants to unite the industry and get advocacy to see more regional companies get preference for major projects.

In addition, he has also taken on a 10-year leasehold of the Jones Park Leagues Club, home of the Cairns District Junior Rugby League, to build the club. Further to this, he also bought a sailing yacht that he’s having refurbished, with the intent to offer the sailing club opportunities to use it to train young sailors.

“I’m having a great life with many opportunities,” he said. “Good people have helped me along the way, and it’s time to pay the karma back for all it has given me. For me, there is certainly satisfaction in doing this.”

Assisting new beginnings
Phil Cassell
Eco Civil Solutions
Words By Janie Barton • Photo By Catherine Coombs

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